We Believe


We believe God is still speaking.

We understand our church’s mission is to change lives; individually, systemically and globally.

We work to make transformation possible and trust in God’s grace.

We seek to make our church a safe place of belonging, worship, learning and advocacy.

We are committed to working for justice.

We affirm that lives are changed through friendship and connections with diverse persons of all life experiences.


We are a small and growing Progressive Christian Community of Faith within the United Church of Christ who seek to make a difference through social justice community advocacy in Washtenaw County including immigration rights, community organizing, LGBTQ advocacy, Black Lives Matter, and educational advocacy.

We do not own a church building.

This allows us to put more of our resources toward supporting our community social justice missions.

Our green footprint gathering space is located in the repurposed Chappelle Elementary School in the Normal Park Neighborhood:

111 S. Wallace Blvd

Ypsilanti, MI 48197